Monsieur Maurice Amiel is a veteran of three decades in the wine trade. He operated highly successful retail stores in Manhattan and Westchester, and moved to Palm Beach several years ago with the intention of retiring. However, he soon realized that no one in the area was selling the type of wine he liked most: food-friendly, affordably priced bottles from the world’s greatest wine regions. Maurice decided to come out of retirement and opened The French Wine Merchant.

His philosophy is simple: locate the best small vineyards in the world’s greatest wine regions; buy the wines directly from importers, avoiding middleman markup; pass the savings directly on to the consumer. This strategy enables his customers to enjoy hand-crafted, artisan wines at reasonable prices, since they are paying for the steak rather than the sizzle. While his focus is on France, he also carries a range of undiscovered gems from Italy, Spain and South America.
Located in the Paramount Building, The French Wine Merchant is an elegant enclave where customers can browse hundreds of distinctive wines. Maurice’s clientele knows that every bottle in the store has been personally tasted and selected by him, they have come to rely on him as a wine advisor. Whether the occasion is a dinner party for a small group of guests, a large reception or a romantic evening for two, Maurice is adept at guiding his customers toward the perfect wine.
Monsier Maurice tasting wine and touring the vinyards at The Beaujolais Vineyards
in the Burgundy area of France with renowned wine maker Christopher Cocquard.